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Dent Dynamics DFW   wants you to make an informed decision. Prior to taking your vehicle to your insurance company, taking a few simple steps can help you get the most from your claim.

  1. Wash your vehicle!
  2. Hail damage can be difficult to see to the untrained eye. Dirt can obscure the smaller dents and make it hard to see them. Wash your car prior to taking it to your insurance company or repair facility for an estimate.
  3. Perform your own inspection prior to getting an estimate.
  4. Even the professionals occasionally miss damage. Look at each panel carefully to find the smaller less obvious dents. Point them out to the person performing your estimate.
  5. Note any damage you have noticed to your insurance representative during your estimate
  6. Have your vehicle repaired. Many states have laws against filing a claim and not having the repairs made. Remember your insurance protects you and your lien holder. Your comprehensive coverage covers the vehicle.
  7. Your insurance company is not responsible for future damage to the same panels on your vehicle if you do not have the repairs done. Remember…the next storm may cause more severe damage.
  8. You can pick your repair facility!
  9. You have the right to have your vehicle repaired by the company of your choice provided the price is fair. Dent Dynamics DFW utilizes industry standard pricing for repairs.
  10. By law, insurance companies cannot steer you toward or away from a certain repair facility.
  11. If you use the insurance recommended shop, you will be required to pay your full deductible.  Dent Dynamics DFW has deductible assistance available. Contact us at 877-BIG HAIL for details
  12. Verify your repair shop!
  13. Make sure you can verify a companies’ background prior to allowing them to work on your car. Just like most other businesses, there are careless companies out there that will take advantage of you!
  14. I don’t want to file a claim for the hail damage. Hail Damage is a “Not at Fault” or “Zero Fault” claim. This means that the damage was not your fault and cannot be held against you by your insurance company.
  15. Insurance companies cannot raise your rates for a not at fault claim without raising everyone’s rates. If they do raise rates due to a catastrophe such as a hailstorm and you do not claim it, you will be paying for everyone else’s damage.
  16. Hail Damage is an “act of God” claim. See your policy for information about this type of claim.
  17. The damage to my car doesn’t seem bad enough to make a claim. If the dollar amount of damage to your vehicle goes above your deductible, you should file a claim.
  18. Some of the damage will not be visible to the untrained eye. Not repairing your vehicle will considerably lower the value at trade in or return from lease.
  19. Make your claim in a timely manner
  20. Once you know you have damage, file your claim as soon as possible. Most insurance companies have a clause in your policy for this. Check with your insurance company if you have additional questions about this.
  21. Have repairs made in a timely manner
  22. Your insurance check has an expiration date. Make sure you have the repairs made soon after you receive your check. Dent Dynamics DFW can usually make repairs in 2-3 days