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What do I need to do to start the hail damage claim process with my insurance company?
First off, if you are here, you are on the right track! We will help you through this process and make it and easy one. You should contact your insurance agent first. They will provide you with information on how you can have an insurance adjuster assess the damage to your vehicle. You do not need to get estimates at this time. Your insurance adjuster will provide you with a claim sheet and issue you a check for the amount they believe it will cost to repair your hail damaged vehicle. If the amount of your insurance check does not cover the cost of the repairs by us we will file a supplement with your insurance company.
Are all paintless dent repairs the same?
Simply put, paintless dent repairs are like art: the better the person is holding the brush, their experience, tools, & the time spent ... the better the outcome. Allow our team at Dent Dynamics DFW to show you the difference.
I have multiple vehicles that need repaired, can I receive a discount?
Absolutely. The more vehicles you have with PDR repairable damage, the better discount you will always receive with Dent Dynamics DFW.  
Do I even need to file a claim with my Insurance?
Hail damage repairs can add up quickly.  Depending on the size, number of dents, panels affected and replacement parts (for ex. belt moldings, roof drip moldings etc.) repairs will surpass most deductibles.   If repairs are not completed you will be left with diminished value for your vehicle.
I'm not sure if I want to claim the hail damage on my insurance. Will my insurance rates go up?
Insurance companies file hail damage under a comprehensive claim not a collision claim. If your insurance rates are raised, they are going to be raised for everyone regardless if you repair your vehicle through your insurance or not. Therefore, you should take full advantage of the premiums you pay by having an experienced paintless dent repair company, like Dent Dynamics DFW, repair your vehicle back to its original showroom form.
My insurance claim sheet for hail damage on my vehicle states one amount for the damage but my check is for another amount, why is there a difference? For example my claim sheet is for $3500 but my check is for $3000.
In most cases, the difference would be your insurance deductible. In the above example, the insurance deductible is $500.
My insurance company wants me to go to their repair facility. Do I have to?
The insurance adjuster may encourage you to have your car repaired by one of their preferred vendors. Remember, it is your choice to have your car repaired by the person or business of your choice. It is unlawful for an insurance company or their representative to require or steer you to have your car repaired by any specific company. Please, do not feel pressured into using one of these companies if you are not comfortable with them. Their preferred vendors will be required to collect your full deductible.

Will dry ice pop the dents out?
Dry ice will not repair a dent on sheet metal. Period. It will, however warp the metal beyond the point of repair with PDR. Usually, a panel that has had dry ice placed on it will have to be replaced.
Heat from the sun will remove the dent
Hail damage can only be removed using PDR or conventional paint and body. Dents will not “pop” themselves out.
PDR looks easy. I can just push it out myself.
Without the proper training and practice, PDR should not be done by anyone. Irreparable damage can be done to your vehicle. Definitely don’t try this at home! All Dent Dynamics DFW technicians must pass a rigorous training, testing and inspection period prior to working on customers’ vehicles. You can always be assured that your car is in good hands with Dent Dynamics DFW.
Will PDR damage my paint?
It is possible to crack paint when performing PDR. This is one reason only certified technicians should work on your car. Dent Dynamics DFW certifies all technicians prior to allowing them to work on your vehicle. We take every precaution to ensure your finish is not damaged. Dent Dynamics DFW warranties  against damage to your paint.
What if my paint was cracked when the dent was made?
Sometimes, when the dent is made, the paint will crack and peel. Depending on the amount of damage to the paint PDR may still be the way to go. Dent Dynamics DFW will touch up and clear coat smaller cracks in your paint to prevent additional peeling or corrosion. If the damage is too bad for this process, your Dent Dynamics DFW representative will point out the damage and let you make an informed decision.
How is PDR estimated?
Your estimate is based on 3 main factors.
1. Quantity of dents per panel
2. Average size of the dents
3. Location of the dents and difficulty in accessing them.

What does "drilling" mean?
It has become common practice by inexperienced Paintless Dent Repair technicians to save time by first drilling or punching holes in places like door frames, quarter panel jambs, inner wheelhouse panels, etc. to gain access to a dent with their tools. Dent Dynamics DFW will always take the extra time to repair a dent without drilling by professionally removing (and reinstalling) any interior trim panels.  In the rare event that there is no other way to access a dent except to create a small port, or if you opt for the cost savings of a small port, you will always be advised of this procedure and the choice will be yours.  This excludes insurance claims.  If a small port is ultimately necessary, Dent Dynamics DFW will take the necessary steps to seal the port properly by rust treating the area and installing a proper sized plastic plug for a more factory installed finished look.